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Structural Plastics

Structural Plastics Company
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Structural Plastics Company is a privately owned company with Mr.  Lee Ridgeway as it’s president.  Mr.  Ridgeway has a wealth of experience through a life long career in the plastics engineering and manufacturing field.  Listed below is a resume on the company president.

PACE Consultants and International Plastics Consultants Corporation, New Richmond, Ohio. February, 1983 to present Consultant. Projects include Flame Retardant Thermoplastic Development, both compounds and end use (Telecommunication) products, other telecommunication products (low friction), filled and reinforced thermoplastics, major compounding plant start?up, TPO formulations (automotive) and conversion of large metal products to plastics (including fiberglass). Major clients include compounders, telecommunication conduit manufacturers, flame?retardant raw material manufacturers, and pipe manufacturers. Invented first plastic plenum?rated conduit (UL 25?foot flame tunnel rated) in 1991.  This was done with Pyramid Industries now purchased by Lamson and Sessions. (Reference Michael and Frank Victor).

Major product and process consulting in Plastic Lined Metal Pipe, Invented successful process for PLASTIC LINED METAL PIPE with high adhesion. This is for large steel pipe for super high abrasion / corrosion resistance. This is under exclusive license presently with monthly minimums now plus future royalties once production is started. Developed processes for Cross-Linked HDPE (PEX) and Very High Strength Plastic Pipe.   Developed concepts for improved production rates for pipe and profile.

Dura-Line Corporation -Middlesboro, KY  Consultant from 1986 to 1994. Engineering Manager from September 1994 to May 1998 . Dura-Line is a leader in Telecommunication Conduit.    Invented the process used for making cross-linked HDPE, PEX, for hot and cold water.  Later shaved $1.00 / lb off the PEX manufacturing process to make for $1.25 / lb instead of $2.25 /lb. Developed the liquid low friction lube (SUPER SLIP)  for conduit. Developed data and tech lit for low friction systems. Responsible for all new products and processes in the company. Designed, purchased and installed extrusion systems for Dura-lines’ England Plant to make 4” Main duct using filled HDPE.   This tripled the capacity of the English (Grimsby) plant.  Designed the highest producing (rate) pipe lines in the company (two 700 lb/hr lines from one extruder.  Responsible for technical content of product literature.    Led the effort to pass the Belcore qualification.   Involved in die and sizer design and trials for Fig 8 product. i

Celanese Engineering Resins ? Special Production Facility, Florence, Kentucky.  February, 1985 to February, 1986 Senior Product Development Manager. This is a pilot/production compounding plant. Senior Product Development Manager in the area of nylon compounds and engineering projects. Obtained significant experience in PBT, PET, polyacetals, polyarylates and liquid crystal polymers. Included both formulation and processing (single and twin screw) experience.

Research Plastics Resins ? Division of Detroit Plastic Molding, Sterling Heights, Michigan. August, 1976 to April, 1983 General Manager (Marketing l Sales Research & Development). Research Plastics Resin was the Thermoplastic Compounding Division of Detroit Plastic Molding. Responsibilities included marketing, sales (coordinated 12 outside sales representatives), research and development, customer service, and applications development. Product line included polypropylene, ABS, HIPS and other polyolefins: including filled, reinforced, impact modified and flame?retardant versions. Developed the entire product line, logo, brand name, and nomenclature. This included a new line of MICA reinforced polypropylene resins and flame?retardant ABS and polypropylene and HIPS with UL Yellow Card ratings. Worked with GM Divisions and succeeded in obtaining T/L business in Polyolefin compounds. Engineering functions included the successful invention, development and commercialization of reclaim processes for polypropylene from automotive batteries and ABS/metal from chrome?plated ABS.

Michigan Chemical Company ? Division of Northwest Industries (Research Department), Ann Arbor, Michigan. October, 1972 to July, 1975 Senior Research Engineer. Developed leading flame retardant systems for thermoplastics. Supervised two plastics engineers, and one MS chemist and analytical backup. Performed development and customer service with injection molding customers. Produced leading flame?retardant UL?94, V?0 systems for ABS, impact polystyrene, ( for the TV cabinets) , polypropylene , polyethylene  and all the engineering thermoplastics.

General Electric Company ? Sheet Products Business Section, Mt. Vernon, Indiana.  September, 1970 to September, 1972 Product Specialist. Conceived, piloted, and designed ultra clean commercial production process for coating Lexan polycarbonate sheet with mar resistant coating. Process is commercially successful with $40-80 MM per year added value being coated (doubles the price of the sheet). G.E. HAS MADE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF $ FROM THIS PROCESS.  G.E. had been working unsuccessfully for three years to develop process: I invented new successful process in three months and installed commercial process in another six months. This process had twice the output  as their intended process.  Learned  Lexan R polycarbonate; and Noryl R sheet and film manufacturing.

Wellman, Incorporated, Johnsonville, South Carolina. 1968 to 1970 Process Control Manager and Director,  Research & Development. Products included nylon 66 and nylon 6 in addition to nylon and polyester filament 30 to 500 denier. Resin included filled versions using glass fibers, glass beads, Teflon R, pigments, lubricants, etc. Instituted $50M per year cost savings by eliminating process step. Obtained numerous successful color matches. Wrote all process and product specifications for these materials. In absence of Production Director, managed production (4 shifts, 50 people). While maintaining most of the process control functions, managed research and development effort for group of four. Projects included non?filament, dyeability, including injection molding of resins and customer service. Authored Wellman’s Resins Nomenclature System; co?authored Wellman’s New line of Filled and Unfilled Flame Retardant Resins (Patent US Appl, 50,915).

U.S. Industrial Chemical Company ? Research Division, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1960 to 1968 Project Leader. Project responsibility was finely divided polyethylene (Microthene F) for a variety of applications including paper coating and filled polyesters (now commercial). Supervised one experienced professional and two technicians. Traveled approximately 30% of the time. The travel involved direct customer contact on technical basis (new product). Company applied for my patent for coating stiff substrates with plastics (this later became commercial art).  Promoted to Applications Development Manager in June, 1963. Products were low, medium and high density polythylene and ENA cast film, sheeting resin selection and polymer characterization from an end use viewpoint. Experience in test development, product development additives, pigments and rotational molding. Experience in blown film, injection molding, blow molding, curtain coating, foams, fillers systems, slip and anti block, UV, and flame retardant additives. Direct experts in the above areas. Had as many as four technicians working directly with me plus test support from other groups in Polymer Service Laboratory.


University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering


Society of Plastic Engineers
Society of Automotive Engineers


  • Essay, “A Better Word for Capitalism”, Congressional Record, June 12, 1952.
    “Coating Paper with Microthene F  Polyolefin Powders” S.P.E. 22nd Annual Conference V12, March, 1966, Paper XIII?2.
  • “Powdered Polyethylene Has Interesting Potential”, Paper Film and Foil Converter, September, 1966.
  • “Paper Coating with Polyethylene Powder”, TAPPI Coating Conference, May, 1966, U.S. Patent
  • 3,470,122 (co?authored).
  • U.S. PATENT “Compositions Compromising Ethylenevinyl Acetate Copolymer, Fatty Acid Salt, Fatty Acid Amid  and Particulate Material”


Process Familiarity                   Materials Familiarity                     Functions Familiarity

Injection Molding                                       Polypropylene                        Product Development Manager

Vacuum Forming                                           Styrenics                                        Process Engineering

Extrusion, pipe and profile                       Polyethylene                                  General Manager

Extrusion Coating                                         TPR/TPO                                          Venture Analysis

Compounding                                                 Acrylics                                  Director, Research & Development

Single Screw/Twin Screw                         Polycarbonate                             Materials Engineering

Sheet Extrusion                                                 ABS                                                 Market Development

Compression Molding                                 PVDF/PVDC                                       Venture Analysis

Pressure Forming                                        Polyamides                                   Project Engineering

Structural Foam                                                PVC                                              Technical Sales

Blow Film                                                  Flouropolymers                           Product Engineering

Cast Film                                                      Polyesters                                 Research & Development

Blow Molding                                                 PET/PBT                                    Contract negotiator

Extrusion, tubing                                         Additives

Reinforced plastics                                        Fillers

Coatings, fluidized bed                           Flame Retardants

Calendering                                                 Reinforcements

Rotational Molding                                        Colorants

Extrusion, pipe                                              Adhesives

Coatings, fabric                                         UV Stabilizers

E?Beam Cross-linking                              Antioxidants

Reclaiming Plastics

As for a little background:  I have invented four major commercial processes:

  1. The process for coating LexanR with a mar resistant coating.  General Electric had worked on this for three years –unsuccessfully.  I invented this ultra-clean process in four months that was twice as fast as the intended process and was in production 6 months later.  This made hundreds of millions of $ for G.E.
  2. A process for reclaiming polypropylene battery cases for Detroit Plastic molding Ran at 2,000 lbs/hour. Produced a Polypropylene worth about 40 cents/lb for less than  12 cents/lb.
  3. A process for reclaiming Chrome Plated Plastic parts (mis-plated) .   Metal content less than 0.2%  all paid for by the Nickel recovered.   The recovered ABS was worth  about 60 cents / lb.   Process ran at 1,000 lbs./hr.   .  Note that FORD MOTOR COMPANY attempted the same, spent $4MM and failed.  Total capital budget for my processes was less than $500M.
  4. Recently I have licensed Venture and technology for the lining of steel pipe with plastics.   Markets for these products in are the range of $2 B/A. This is now in process with an exclusive client.
  5. I recently licensed multiple processes for making large plastic structural flat panels with optional steel skins for ultimate stiffness.
  6. Invented a product of manufacture – the first highly flame retardant, plenum rated plastic duct passes the UL E-84 tunnel test.
  7. Invented technology for improved higher strength and temperature reinforced plastic pipe for petroleum production applications .  is rated for 1500 psi (100BAR) AT A 6 INCH SIZE.

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