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Structural Plastic Large Panels

Flat Panel Plastic

Flat Panel Plastic next to full size automobile

Structural Plastics

Structural  Plastics Company is about licensing processes , products and technology to make large plastic structures.  Some items are Patent Pending. These parts can range from pilot sizes of 1 ft. x 1 continuous parts of up to 15 ft. wide and 100 ft. long and up to 30 inches thick.    Low capital investment is key in these processes.

Additional processes are offered for making plastic and composite pipes and tanks of sizes from 1” diameter to 30 ft. diameter.  These processes are new and unique but proven.

Structural Plastics Company provides complete manufacturing packages with products processes, markets, customers, economics and operational plans.

The Math of Plastic & Composite Panels

Commercial Examples of Plastic Structures and Ventures (Docks, Roofs and Decks)

Processes For Large Plastic Panels Summary

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